Rotary Club of Covington Documents

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2019 Car Show Flyer - Original.pdf17 MB08/13/19 at 12:26 PM
2019 Car Show Flyer - New.pdf7 MB08/13/19 at 12:20 PM
2019 Car Show Flyer - New.jpg809 KB08/13/19 at 12:15 PM
2019 Tax Receipt to Sponsors for Car Show.pdf34 KB08/13/19 at 12:06 PM
2019 Car show registration.pdf92 KB08/13/19 at 12:01 PM
2019 Car Show Vendor Application.pdf93 KB08/13/19 at 11:54 AM
2019 Car Show Sponsorship Form.pdf130 KB08/13/19 at 11:36 AM
Car Show Vendor and Sponsor
Car Show Sponsor Levels
Car Registration for Cars of the Past
Year, Make & Model of Vehicle
Phone Number
Club Leaders
Club Events
Weekly Bulletin